10 Key Technology Facts Revealed

Technology has fascinated billion of people for many decades. Who thought that the invention of the wheel would lead to the world we live in today? Who did expect that Microsoft Windows would last that long, who thought that private investors would fund rockets flying to the moon and who hoped that artificial intelligence could help in so many cases?

technology facts

Here are ten breathtaking technology facts you should know about.

Every month, over six thousand new computer viruses are assembled and released. A stunning 90% of emails contain certain forms of malware! Internet would be much faster if that 90% of traffic would never be generated.

The Firefox logo is a red panda and not a fox, as most think when reading FireFOX. Branding is important, also for browsers, or would you consider using FirePanda?

The company Samsung is incredibly 38 years and 1 month older than the tech giant Apple, but Apple has a much higher value in terms of market capitalization, income, profit and revenue.

One Petabyte (PB) is similar to 1024 Terabytes (TB). Take this, just 50 of those Petabyte hard drives are needed to hold the entire written works of all humankind from the beginning of recorded history in all existing languages.

Amazon’s Alexa always listens to all conversations stored to improve the Alexa experience. Who knows what else they do with all the data? Hopefully, everything is anonymized.

Every tenth person reads slower from a computer screen than from paper. So maybe it’s time for warp-speed back to the time when reading from a paper was en vogue.

In 1964, Dough Engelbart developed the first computer mouse, which was rectangular and made from pure wood. These days some mice still look like wood, one could think.

All inboxes are full of spam, but only one per 12 million receives a reply. However, most spam mails also come with malware that can be harmful when just opening it.

The gaming industry created great surgeons. Those of them who grew up playing video games over 3 hours every week statistically make 37% fewer errors. They also have a stunning 42% faster completion rate for suturing and laparoscopic surgery.

Your internet connection is ultra-fast with fiber cable? Well, NASA’s internet speed is ultimately 91 gigabytes per second. So how fast could you download your favorite game with 91 gigabytes per second?