SurgeTrader Review

If you’re a trader looking for a funded trading account, you may have come across SurgeTrader, the proprietary trading firm that offers funding for traders who pass their auditions. The company is backed by venture capital from Valo Holdings, which ensures that its finances are stable and secure.

SurgeTrader’s funding program is straightforward, with both a 1 Phase and 2 Phase audition process. The rules are clear and easy to understand, and there are no minimum trading days or time restrictions. Once you pass the audition, you can trade with SurgeTrader’s capital and earn up to 90% of your profits. SurgeTrader also offers a scaling plan, which allows you to increase your funding from $25K all the way up to $1MM.

Compared to other funded trading programs, SurgeTrader stands out for its simplicity and flexibility. Traders can choose from a variety of tradable assets and utilize SurgeTrader’s technology to execute trades. The company also provides resources and support for traders, including a blog and trading contest. If you’re interested in a funded trading platform or account, SurgeTrader is definitely worth considering.

surgetrader review

About SurgeTrader

Surgetrader is a global proprietary trading firm based in Naples, Florida. The firm is backed by venture capital from its partner Valo Holdings, which ensures that the company’s finances are stable and secure. Surgetrader’s objective is to achieve long-term success rather than short-term gain, which is reflected in the way the company deploys its capital investments.

As a prop trading firm, Surgetrader offers traders the opportunity to trade with the prop firm’s capital rather than their own. Traders are evaluated by Surgetrader based on their performance during a qualification phase, after which they may be offered a funded account to trade with. Surgetrader offers both a 1 Phase and a 2 Phase audition, with simple and easy-to-understand trading rules.

Surgetrader’s 2 Phase Audition is designed to provide traders with a progressive and rewarding trading experience while maintaining risk management at the forefront. In the Qualification Phase, traders must achieve an 8% profit target with a maximum drawdown of 6%. In the Validation Phase, traders must achieve a 10% profit target with a maximum drawdown of 8%. The 2 Phase Audition is unique in that it allows traders to experience the firm’s trading environment before being offered a funded account.

Surgetrader’s approach to prop trading is straightforward and transparent. The firm’s website provides traders with all the information they need to get started, including a detailed FAQ section and a breakdown of the firm’s funding model. Traders can choose from a range of account sizes, with funding levels ranging from $25,000 to $250,000.

Overall, Surgetrader is a reputable prop trading firm that offers the opportunity to trade with the firm’s capital in a transparent and straightforward manner. With its unique 2 Phase Audition and simple trading rules, Surgetrader is an excellent choice of prop firm for traders looking to start their trading career or take their trading to the next level.

The Audition Process

If you’re interested in becoming a funded trader with SurgeTrader, the first step is to complete the audition process. The SurgeTrader Audition is designed to assess your trading skills and discipline and determine if you’re a good fit for the program.

During the audition, you’ll be given a demo account with virtual funding to trade with. You can use any trading style you like as long as you follow the risk management rules and achieve the appropriate targets. The targets are designed to test your ability to manage risk and generate consistent profits.

Once you’ve successfully completed the audition, you’ll have the option to choose between a scale-up or claim the funded account. The Scale-up Account allows you to trade with a small amount of capital at first and gradually increase your trading capital as you prove your skills. The Claim Funded Account allows you to start your trading journey with a larger amount of capital right away.

It’s important to note that if you breach the trading rules during the audition, you won’t be given a second chance. So, it’s important to approach the audition with discipline and focus.

Overall, the SurgeTrader Audition is a rigorous process that’s designed to identify talented traders who have the skills and discipline to succeed in the program. If you’re confident in your trading abilities and are willing to put in the work, the SurgeTrader Audition could be the first step towards a successful career as a funded trader.

Trading with Surgetrader

If you’re a professional trader looking to leverage your skills and boost your profits, Surgetrader offers funded trading accounts that allow you to trade with the firm’s capital. With no minimum trading days or a 30-day assessment period, you can start trading immediately and earn up to 90% of your profits.

Surgetrader’s funded accounts come with trading rules that ensure you stay within your limits. For example, the daily maximum loss limit applies to your current daily equity, and if you run up a profit, your new daily loss limit will be adjusted accordingly.

To succeed with Surgetrader, it’s important to have a solid trading strategy. The firm provides trading resources, including a comprehensive guide to trading success that covers essential strategies, psychology, risk management, and more. By following these guidelines and utilizing Surgetrader’s technology, you can elevate your trading game and achieve consistent profitability.

Overall, trading with Surgetrader offers professional traders the opportunity to trade with the prop firm’s capital and earn up to 90% of the profit split their profits. With trading rules in place and access to valuable trading resources, you can develop a solid trading strategy and succeed in the market.

Markets and Instruments

At SurgeTrader, you have access to a wide range of market trading styles and instruments to trade. Whether you prefer forex, equities, cryptocurrencies, or indices, you can find something that suits your trading style and preferences.


Forex, or foreign exchange, is the by far largest market in the world, with trillions of dollars traded daily. SurgeTrader offers forex trading on major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, as well as minor and exotic currency pairs.


SurgeTrader allows you to trade equities from some of the most popular stock exchanges in the world, including the NYSE, NASDAQ, and LSE. You can trade shares such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, among others.


Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent years, and SurgeTrader offers trading on some of the most well-known crypts, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. With crypto trading, you can take advantage of the high volatility and potentially earn significant profits.


Indices are used to track the performance of a group of stocks, and SurgeTrader offers trading on indices like the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and FTSE 100. With index trading, you can diversify your portfolio and take advantage of market trends.


In addition to forex trading, SurgeTrader also offers trading on other currencies, such as gold, silver, and oil. These commodities can be traded as CFDs, allowing you to speculate on price changes without actually owning the physical asset.

At SurgeTrader, you have the flexibility to choose the markets and instruments that suit your trading style and preferences. With a funded trading account, you can start trading and potentially earn real money with our capital.

Funding and Profits

As a trader, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a prop trading firm is the funding and profit-sharing model. With prop company SurgeTrader, you have the opportunity to earn up to 90% of your profits, with capital allocations ranging from $25K to $1MM.

The funding process is straightforward and simple. You take an Audition with clear rules, no minimum trading days, no trading conditions, and no time restrictions. Once you pass the Audition, you will be funded with real capital to trade. You can scale up your capital allocation as you continue to trade consistently and responsibly.

SurgeTrader’s profit-sharing model is also very attractive. As a profitable trader, you can earn up to 90% of your profits with just a couple of clicks. This means that you get to keep most of the profits that surge traders and you generate, which can be a significant advantage over other prop trading firms that offer lower profit-sharing models.

In addition, SurgeTrader does not impose any profit targets on its traders. This means that you have the freedom to trade without the pressure of hitting a specific profit target. You can focus on trading consistently and responsibly and let your profits grow over time.

Overall, SurgeTrader’s funding and profit-sharing model is designed to help you succeed as a trader. With up to $1 million in capital allocations and up to 90% profit-sharing, you have the opportunity to earn significant profits while trading in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Partnerships and Collaborations

SurgeTrader is a prop trading firm that has formed partnerships and collaborations with various entities to enhance its services and offerings. These partnerships allow SurgeTrader to provide traders with access to advanced trading tools and platforms for financial markets, as well as detailed educational resources and market analysis.

One of SurgeTrader’s notable partnerships is with ThinkMarkets, a global multi-asset brokerage firm. Through this partnership, SurgeTrader traders gain access to ThinkMarkets’ advanced trading platforms, including the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. These platforms truly offer a wide range of trading tools and features, including advanced charting capabilities, automated trading, and customizable indicators.

In addition to its partnership with ThinkMarkets, SurgeTrader has also collaborated with Benzinga, a leading financial news and analysis platform. Through this collaboration, SurgeTrader traders gain access to Benzinga’s real-time news and market analysis, which can help inform trading decisions and strategies. Benzinga also offers educational resources and webinars, which can help traders improve their knowledge.

Overall, SurgeTrader’s partnerships and collaborations demonstrate the firm’s commitment to providing traders with access to the best trading tools and resources available. These partnerships allow SurgeTrader traders to stay informed and up-to-date on market trends and news and to make informed trading decisions.

Customer Service and Support

SurgeTrader is dedicated to providing its clients with exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that all traders have the help they need to succeed. The company has committed significant resources to ensure that traders can speak to a live person and ask questions or get support by phone, chat, or email during regular business hours.

Whether you have a question about your account, need help with a technical issue, or want to discuss trading strategies, SurgeTrader’s knowledgeable support team is always available to assist you. The company’s support team is made up of experienced traders who understand the challenges that traders face and can provide expert guidance and support.

If you have a question or need assistance, you can contact SurgeTrader’s customer support call team by phone, email, or live chat. The company’s support team is available during regular business hours, and they are always happy to help.

In addition to its exceptional customer service, SurgeTrader also provides its traders with a comprehensive knowledge base that includes frequently asked questions, common terms and questions, and other helpful resources. The knowledge base is designed to provide traders with the information they need to succeed and is an excellent resource for both new and experienced traders.

In conclusion, SurgeTrader is committed to providing its clients with the best possible customer service and support. Whether you need help with your account, have a technical issue, or want to discuss trading strategies, the company’s knowledgeable and experienced support team is always available to assist you. With SurgeTrader, you can trade with confidence, knowing that you have the support you need to succeed.

Surgetrader Reviews

When considering a prop trading firm to work with, it’s important to read reviews from other traders to get an idea of their experiences. Surgetrader has received positive reviews from traders on Trustpilot, a popular review platform for prop firms.

One trader praised the Surgetrader website’s “simple and clear rules” and their funding model, which allows traders to keep up to 90% of their profits. Another trader mentioned that they appreciated the flexibility of Surgetrader’s program, with no minimum trading days and no time restrictions.

However, it’s important to note that not all reviews are positive. Some traders mentioned that they found the rules too strict or that they had difficulty passing the audition phase. It’s important to carefully see negative reviews and review the program’s rules and requirements before deciding to work with Surgetrader.

Overall, Surgetrader has received mostly positive reviews from traders on Trustpilot. As with any prop trading firm, it’s important to do your research and make sure the program is a good fit for your trading style and goals.

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