Earn2Trade Review

With scores of new money-making courses, trading companies, and mentors popping out of nowhere, evaluating the legitimacy of a company is becoming increasingly difficult.

Earn2Trade is a well-known forex teaching center for futures and FX traders. Mentoring sessions, webinars, and personalized education are all available from experienced traders and great developers. Unlike most trading courses, they won’t let go of your hands once you have completed their course. They make every effort to provide learning experiences at trading firms to all of their students. This may seem too good to be true, so let’s take a closer look. Here is an in-depth Earn2Trade review.

What Is Earn2Trade?

Their learning system, the Gauntlet program, was founded by Ryan Masten with the help of seasoned educators, all of whom have years of field experience. Earn2Trade’s academic staff includes master traders, professional educators, and top-tier developers. After passing the National Futures Association series 3 and 34 examinations, the program is designed to help hobby traders smoothly transition to professional forex and futures trading by acquiring a funded trading account.

Their outstanding program, reputation, and multi-location presence in Hungary, Wyoming, Florida, and Texas garners extensive media coverage from well-known publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

What Products Does Earn2Trade Offer?

Now let’s take a closer look at the various subscription types and products Earn2Trade offers.

The Gauntlet Mini Program

After a beginner crash course, novice traders can refine their intraday trading skills with Gauntlet Mini. Earn2Trade’s newest product promises a funded trading account within two weeks if you follow their strict risk management guidelines.

After completing their initial program, you can progress to Gauntlet’s maximum trader flexibility course. Following a 60-day test, the period is a step toward trading altogether freely, such as having overnight positions. Completing the course and becoming successful, the company takes pride in refunding the cost of their courses, encouraging traders to succeed.

What Do You Get After Successful Fulfillment Of The Course?

After completing the course, a candidate secures funding from the trading firm partners. Furthermore, the funding is not restricted to a split profit or a maximum drawdown. Instead, traders have complete access to funds.

Becoming A Professional Trader

Becoming a professional trader with Earn2Trade means setting your hours, having a supportive community behind you, and all the perks and responsibilities of being your own boss. As a valuable member of the community, their support team assists you in becoming a better financial market professional and refining your skills.

So, what exactly is included in the starter package? Gauntlet mini offers a beginner crash trading course on 60 webinar topics, with 62 lessons and over 50 hours of valuable content. When you restart the program, you can reset your account’s original balance for $100, but this will not renew the billing period.

Gauntlet Mini Pricing

You can start using Gauntlet mini for a fixed fee. However, for lifetime access to a beginner crash course, you have to pay $250, giving you access to a journalytix reporting tool and a trading simulation.

There are several trading account packages to choose from, with monthly costs ranging from $150 to $350. The commission charged in the Gauntlet mini at the time of this review is $2.00 per side. Contact the customer care team via live chat if you want to adjust the commissions.

As a beginner, they suggest you choose the cheapest subscription model or the lifetime access for $249. You have to pay for access until you reach the success metrics set by the courses or you fund your trading account. However, violating the rules gets you terminated. You can also change or cancel your subscriptions whenever you want.

Prop Firm Trader Funding

You can get funded as a trader without relying on a brokerage by choosing one of the Earn2Trade accounts. Their program gives access to funds in exchange for a percentage of the profits. The virtual trading capital might range from $25,000 to $150,000., depending on the account and membership type.

Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini Features


After you subscribe and set up your trading account, you will find all the necessary tools for a smooth trading experience on the dashboard.

Depth of the market

The monthly subscription price incorporates the depth of the market feature (DOM) to provide you with the best market prices. Turn on the right-click tab if you want to trade directly from the chart.

Chart with news mark

With each membership, you gain access to basic or improved charting options and market events to monitor, such as central bank rates, the FOMC, interest rates, and many more. There are also many navigation widgets for easier access.

Types of charts

You can easily switch between chart types in Gauntlet mini. You can find all of them, whether you prefer candlestick, tick, or volume charts. Furthermore, there is a plethora of indicators to choose from and real-time market news and chart reactions.

Journalytix trade tracking

When you subscribe to Gauntlet mini, you gain access to Journalytix, which allows you to log your transactions and determine what works best. In addition, exporting advanced trade analytics to Excel is a tool that might help you achieve your goals.

Gauntlet Trading Rules

At first glance, the requirements set up to gain access to funding seem daunting. However, successful traders are few and far between, and this is easily one of the few professions with meager success rates. Therefore, offering thousands of dollars to trade without any prerequisites would be unprofessional and would certainly result in massive losses.

To maintain professional standards, basic rules, guidelines, and goals are necessary, both for the sake of the company, the partnering trading firms, and the traders who will strive to be the best.

Progression ladder

Discipline is essential for successful trading, virtual or live. When you click on the star, you will see the specifics of the progression rules or benchmarks that you must fulfill.

You now have your trading account that is fully funded. However, this is merely the start of a potentially profitable career. To keep your financed perks, you must exceed the progression ladder limits.

How does the progression ladder work?

After you’ve been funded, there are a set of rules to follow. These progression ladder benchmarks will assist you in improving your trading consistency and techniques. Most well-known companies offer comparable features, so Earn2Trade’s emphasis on progression is reassuring.

Each account and competition has its own set of rules and expectations. For example, to win a $25,000 contest in 15 days, you must maintain a maximum daily drawdown of $1500 and a maximum profit of $550. In addition, each benchmark is reviewed at the end of each trading day. This aids in the development of consistency and adherence to rules. Both are necessary for long-term success as a trader.

What happens when you get funded?

Candidates who pass the exam will be matched with a proprietary trading partner firm within a few days. There are two kinds of accounts: live accounts and LiveSlim accounts. You are first transferred to a LiveSlim paper trading account until you make your first $5000, at which point you are given a free pass to a funded Live account. You cannot return to LiveSlim after exceeding it.

Live and LiveSlim Accounts

Live and LiveSlim have the same features, including withdrawals. You are set after completing the course successfully, getting funded, and accepting the rules and agreement.

First, you start with a LiveSlim account until you earn or deposit your first $5000. After that, LiveSlim is no longer available to traders, as they get instantly switched to a Live account.

Live accounts take slightly longer to set up and cost $105 monthly for data fees. The drawdown is calculated using open equity gains, intraday gains, and losses on both accounts.

Is Earn2Trade For Me?

There are many options to choose from for beginning a professional trading career, whether with or without a funded account. It’s worth checking every feature to see what’s best for you.

Earn2Trade offers a smooth learning curve with a lot of assistance. You can also select from several membership options such as Gauntlet, Boot Camp, Gauntlet Mini, and Crash course or beginners based on your needs.

What Does Earn2Trade Offer Compare To Other Educators?

Earn2Trade’s comprehensive beginner Bootcamp includes an online video crash course with milestones and a structured coaching program. Following that, the traders must put what they have learned into practice on a simulator while also attending weekly coaching sessions with their mentor.

Proprietary trading firms fund candidates who successfully complete the program and pass the one-of-a-kind comprehensive exam.

Earn2Trade provides the quickest path to live trading on a funded account and the opportunity for a professional trading career.

Earn2Trade Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

If you’ve read any of our previous articles on our Top Prop Firms List, you’ll know that we like to hear what other traders worldwide think. But, unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell the difference between worthwhile courses and those that have been heavily marketed.

Earn2Trade, on the other hand, does not leave us hanging, as they have hundreds of independent reviews on Trustpilot. In addition, the vast majority of traders are pleased with their educational program and mentorship.

Customer Support

The company provides excellent customer service 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat. Their physical address is available to the public, and you may also contact them via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Earn2Trade Review Summary

Earn2Trade is an unquestionably legitimate company that offers a variety of packages at reasonable prices. The founders and mentors are well-known, established figures with a public record of trading achievements. Funding is guaranteed upon completion of the entire course and strict adherence to rules even later on.

The courses are simple to understand for anyone, with practical guidance and thorough exams to help you navigate the pitfalls of trading.


  • The rules of gauntlet mini are easy to follow
  • During the subscription period, you will have access to a multi-faceted educational catalog
  • 24/7 customer support and continuous mentorship
  • Access to different types of charts and indicators
  • Professional traders as educators and mentors
  • Courses including both futures and forex trading


  • No transparent success rates and mentor achievements
  • There is no free trial, only occasional offers