City Traders Imperium Review

With so many proprietary trading firms entering the industry and promising traders significant sums of financing capital ranging from $20,000 to $3,000,000, it can be tough to separate legitimate companies from shady ones and truly determine which funding choices are ideal for you as a trader.

In this post, we’ll take a look at City Traders Imperium, a renowned London-based proprietary trading firm. In recent years, CTI has sponsored traders all over the world, and it offers an unusual strategy for providing forex funded trader programs that have gone unnoticed by some of the industry’s heavyweights.

Let’s take a closer look at this organization.

Who Are City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium is one of the London-based funded account providers. This prop trading firm provides FX traders with a direct funding program typically ranging from $20,000 to $70,000, with a maximum of $2,000,000. You can trade gold, indices, and forex pairs with them.

Daniel Martin and Martin Najat created the company after noticing that the majority of the best prop firms offered an illusion of a possible trading career in addition to education and that there was a significant market gap for legitimate direct funding accounts.

City Traders Imperium claims to have one of the most outstanding scaling programs and education in the industry, which is why it is currently one of the best-rated London-based prop firms.

If you’re seeking additional capital for your forex trading plans, higher gains from the market, and the opportunity to become a professional trader, this opportunity could be for you! Let’s dive in.

Getting Funding From City Traders

City Traders Imperium approaches the funded trader program differently from other firms; for example, they offer direct funding from $20,000 to $70,000. You have to go through a pre-screening process and challenges with most funded accounts.

However, the instant you purchase an account, you receive a quarter of the funding right away. Because you don’t have to spend months on a demo account, instant funding is a significant boost to get started.

To enjoy the perks of having complete funding at City Traders Imperium, with surprisingly high capital, you have to be consistently profitable, strictly follow their trading rules and flexible risk management rules, and sharpen your trading skills continuously.

The rules for the evaluation program are straightforward, making it simple to stay on track. For example, on a $70,000 account, the procedure looks like this.

  • First, you must purchase the $70,000 funded account for £649.
  • You will be given a $17,500 funded account to proceed with the evaluation phase.
  • Within a year, using the leverage of 1:10, you must reach a profit target of $1,225.
  • If you trade consistently, you must reach the account growth target with a maximum drawdown of $875.
  • To achieve this, you can’t risk more than $263 per trade, according to the rules.
  • Successful traders, after hitting the profit target, and keeping to the rules, will receive 50% of the profit.
  • Profitable traders will now secure $70,000 in direct funding.
  • From now on, after each 10% increase in profit target, City Traders will provide a significant capital increase.

Scaling a funded account

When compared to most other funded account providers, the scaling potential of City Traders Imperium is far superior. To receive $2,000,000 in funding, you should essentially make a 60% profit on your trading capital. This is an easy path for already profitable forex traders who can produce consistent results.

Having the opportunity to achieve financial freedom with simple one-time fees and without significantly risking your own money is a fantastic opportunity for both self-taught and professional traders.

Furthermore, you can choose from 5 different scaling packages to suit your needs, skills, and trading style. You can trade with 3rd party programs or MetaTrader 5.

Payment Proof – A Withdrawal From City Traders Imperium

When selecting a prop firm, working with a company that pays traders fairly and on time is critical. If you want to see larger payment proofs, you can find them on forums and Trustpilot.

According to reviews, the majority of traders have made several withdrawals on City Traders with no problems, their team is helpful, and the processes run smoothly.

You can select to withdraw using Paypal, and your funds will be transferred instantly – quite convenient for traders. You can start a withdrawal payment request once a month, during the last 5 days of each month.

Besides PayPal, you can choose Revolut, Transferwise, or a debit/credit card to withdraw money from City Traders. They process the payment requests in 7 business days.

What Makes City Traders Imperium Different From Other Prop Firms?

The evaluation phase at City Traders Imperium lasts up to a year, differentiating it from most of the industry’s best prop firms. This is significant when compared to, say, FTMO, where you have 20 trading days to pass the test.

It’s worth noting that because the challenge has such a long duration, position traders, swing traders, and day traders, rather than merely intraday traders, all stand a significant chance of receiving funding. This is because their system doesn’t favor any trading style above others.

The level of educational content provided to traders is another selling point that elevates City Traders Imperium from other prop firms. Rather than just providing a few blog posts and news updates on NFP, they provide in-depth trading courses as well as trading psychology sessions and practical trading ideas by former professional head traders to help you increase your profitability and market edge over time.

CTI’s funding accounts are reasonably priced and certainly not at the top end of the sector. They are also one-time payments rather than the industry standard of ongoing monthly payments.

Is Getting City Traders Imperium Funding Realistic?

Before devoting significant time and resources to getting funds from a prop firm, we must ensure that their terms, trading rules, features, and technical support make it possible to meet their funding benchmarks.

City Traders, in my opinion, has the easiest trading requirements in the business when compared to other leading competitors. This is primarily due to leverage of 1:10, a maximum risk of 1.5% per position (not trade), and a year to pass the evaluation process. However, the 5% maximum drawdown might be challenging for many traders.

CTI makes the challenge attainable for swing traders, day traders, scalpers, intra-day traders, and retail forex traders. When researching prop firms, however, you must first consider the level of your skillset. If you lack the necessary competence or perseverance, no amount of support will get you funding. Simply put, you must first become a profitable trader.

Overall, if you can’t get funding from CTI, you won’t be able to get funding from any other prop firms. MyForexFunds and DT4X Trader are the only prop firms with more accessible capital because they provide instant funding. 

City Traders Imperium Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

The general consensus on a prop firm is an excellent way to determine whether or not to seek funding from this company. Using public reviews can save you a lot of time and money, so having more information to check is always a plus.

City Traders Imperium has received over 240 reviews on Trustpilot, with 89% of them being outstanding. These are from different trading professionals using all kinds of trading strategies. This is quite amazing and encouraging to see that other traders are pleased with their service.

According to the reviews, the prop firm works smoothly, the trading features are excellent, and the support team frequently goes above and beyond to assist in any way they can. Overall a great company to trade with.

Most traders are praising City Traders for their useful educational features, high-level funding options, and small spreads, as they use a Direct Market Access broker. That can be a huge advantage in reaching your profit target.

Education & Support For Traders

Most retail traders seek expertise, coaching, and an online community from a prop firm, not just funding capital. Trading with someone else’s money is a rewarding but mentally taxing experience, and having mentorship during this time can be invaluable.

City Traders Imperium created the Golden Traders mentorship program to address this demand. It provides a plethora of training content to help traders with analysis, planning, execution, risk management, and, most importantly, psychology.

Besides mentorship, they also offer trading psychology coaching to improve your mental edge in the markets, which could benefit traders. Although FTMO and Lux Trading also provide psychology consultation for funded traders, CTI appears to offer a much more in-depth experience.

For forex traders who still need substantial expertise to become profitable, it may be too early to take on additional trading capital. Various free resources are available, such as BabyPips, to help you grow your knowledge, implement a trading plan, and achieve consistency while reaching your profit target.

Because of their vast education and good coaching, CTI claims to have an extraordinary success rate. However, it is hard to verify this information because there is no publicly available record for it.

However, there is a lot of free information available to traders from both portfolio managers with experience in the currency markets and retail traders. There is a lot of value out there for traders, even for free.

Conclusion – Is City Traders Imperium A Scam?

If you’ve achieved consistency in your trading and are looking to increase your capital, CTI is an excellent option. They offer a chance to make a 60% profit on their capital, followed by a funding of up to $2,000,000. If you make it to that point, your 10% milestone payment will be worth $100,000!

Such compensation is outstanding in this industry, drawing in lots of inexperienced but enthusiastic capital hunters. Copy trading is strictly forbidden. However, their one-phase evaluation protocol makes it ideal for impatient traders.

To summarize, there’s no doubt that CTI is legit and has one of the best prop firm offerings in the industry. With a scaling plan of up to $2,000,000, one-time payments, a 70% profit share, fairly reasonable rules, 1:10 leverage, and a year to complete the evaluation period with a required 30 active trading day, it’s easy to see why the company has an impeccable reputation among traders worldwide.