Buy to Open vs Buy to Close

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Auction Market Theory

Auction Market Theory By familiarizing yourself with Auction Market Theory (AMT), you can more accurately analyse the financial markets and take advantage of market trends, making it an invaluable trading tool. This blog post will teach you all the key concepts behind AMT as well as how to utilize tools like Market Profile in order … Read more

Best Stocks for Covered Calls

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Employee Stock Options Explained

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Spy Options Trading

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What is Prop Trading

What is Prop Trading Are you looking to take your trading and investing game to the next level? Then, prop trading could be just what you need. Also known as proprietary trading, prop traders trade with their own money instead of clients’ funds. It offers high potential rewards but comes with higher risks too. In … Read more

Top Tier Trader Review

Top Tier Trader Review When it comes to forex trading, everyone has a different experience. Although some might be more fortunate and have more capital, others might have limited capital. This is when they start looking for help, which often comes from prop firms like Top Tier Trader. The forex market houses numerous proprietary trading … Read more

Maverick Trading Review

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Audacity Capital Review

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The Prop Trading Review

The Prop Trading Review Beginner and experienced forex traders alike are looking forward to reaching the next milestone in their activity. Unfortunately, they do not always have the right capital to move forward, which can limit them greatly. For this reason, traders are looking into prop firms. These companies can help them obtain the desired … Read more

FidelCrest Review

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The Funded Trader Review

The Funded Trader Review As soon as you search for a prop firm on Google, you will get plenty of results. Most of them seem reliable, but since scammers have gotten better at fooling people over the years, you never know who to trust. That’s why we prepared The Funded Trader review for you. Companies … Read more

Topstep Review

This one-of-a-kind, funded trading vendor was so successful that, since its debut in 2012, several trading platforms have attempted to copy their success.

Earn2Trade Review

Earn2Trade Review With scores of new money-making courses, trading companies, and mentors popping out of nowhere, evaluating the legitimacy of a company is becoming increasingly difficult. Earn2Trade is a well-known forex teaching center for futures and FX traders. Mentoring sessions, webinars, and personalized education are all available from experienced traders and great developers. Unlike most … Read more

Best Funded Trader Programs

Best Funded Trader Programs and Accounts What are the best funded trader programs? Until 2021, the funded trading account business was easy to understand. Topstep, as the market leader in futures trading, FMTO as the leader for forex-funded accounts and Earn2Trade, as the innovator, clearly dominated the business. In 2022, the rise of prop trading … Read more

Best Prop Trading Firms

Best Prop Trading Firms When it comes to the best prop trading firms, finding the right fit for your needs and skillset is crucial. Proprietary trading companies provide traders with access to their capital and infrastructure, allowing them to trade various financial instruments while sharing profits with the firm. This blog post will delve into … Read more