The Best Stocks to Day Trade in 2023

Are you looking to get involved with day trading in 2023? Here we’ll outline the best stocks for that purpose and detail some useful resources that will help guide your decisions. We’ll go over key criteria used when selecting potential stocks, as well as reveal our top 10 picks. Let’s start on this exciting journey together!

Short Summary

  • Day trading stocks requires an understanding of liquidity, volatility, and news sensitivity as essential criteria.

  • Our top 10 recommendations for 2023 include Tesla Inc., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Etsy Inc., Nio Inc. and Zoom Video Communications. All offering prime opportunities for day traders with proper research and a developed strategy.

  • Stock screeners, news aggregators & online brokers are valuable resources to help identify potential investment opportunities & strategize accordingly.

Essential Criteria for Day Trading Stocks

For day trading stocks to be successful, an understanding of the key factors that make them suitable for this fast-paced type of trading is essential. Focusing on liquidity, volatility and news sensitivity can help when starting out in day trade stock markets as they have a major influence over returns from trades.


Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA), with an average trading volume of 35.44 million shares, is an example of stocks that offer excellent liquidity due to the quick and large amount trades without impacting its price significantly in order to support efficient stock market transactions. On the other hand, Peloton Interactive Inc. (PTON) is difficult to trade as it has low liquidity but offers considerable activity with 967 thousand shares being traded on average which can potentially lead to unfavorable changes in prices when executing buy/sell orders.


When it comes to day trading stocks, volatility is a critical factor in terms of potential rewards and risks. Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.’s beta provides an insight into its stock’s price movements compared to the S&P 500 benchmark, currently at 4.99, signifying significant volatility for traders looking to enter this market segment. Day traders should assess their risk tolerance before making trades due to high levels of volatility offering both prospects of large profits as well as increased dangers if not properly managed.

News Sensitivity

Day traders require a thorough knowledge of the latest news and developments to make wise trading decisions. Changes in regulations, earnings reports, mergers and acquisitions, as well as economic indicators can all have an effect on stock prices – which is why it is important for day traders to stay up-to-date with these issues.

By following such information closely, they are better able to recognize market trends ahead of time so that they may take advantage by using their own day trading strategy accordingly. This way, this particular type of investors will be more likely to achieve successful trades within the Stock Market Exchange!

Top 10 Best Day Trading Stocks for 2023

When it comes to selecting the most suitable day trading stocks, we have identified our top 10 picks for 2023. These particular shares are known for their strong liquidity, volatility and sensitivity to news – making them ideal candidates when partaking in day trade activities.

It is paramount. That you take time researching each stock thoroughly along with establishing a reliable system before plunging into such investments so as to maximize profits from this type of business dealings successfully.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

Day traders have come to value Tesla Inc. (TSLA) for its potential and the stock’s remarkable fluctuations in price. With a beta of 2.03, there are many chances to profit from movements on the market with this highly volatile security. These same events will often sway investor sentiment and drive up or down its share values accordingly as well.

The company has been given much attention recently due to it being a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, which has helped build awareness around their stocks, creating newsworthy moments that can spark dramatic activity among day traders looking take advantage of those changes quickly before they become common knowledge again by other investors on Wall Street.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)

Since January 2020, the stock of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has seen remarkable growth of around 200%. This combined with its high beta value of 2.41 makes AMD a beneficial day trading option and very appealing to investors in this area. Bollinger Band analysis reveals that purchasing trends are on an incline coupled with correlations between price fluctuation. Indicating that it is particularly useful for short-term investments such as those related to daily trades.

Roku Inc. (ROKU)

Day traders, including the occasional trader of this type, can profit from stock trading opportunities enabled by volatile prices and quick gains available through Roku Inc. (ROKU). The company is well-known for its streaming services and hardware, which has become very popular among those who specialize in day trading as they are sensitive to news about OTT platforms that have been experiencing an increase in demand lately. So if someone invests their money on these types of stocks, they could benefit greatly due to increased interest surrounding the rise of streamable content sources.

Etsy Inc. (ETSY)

With a 250% rise in stock prices, Etsy Inc. (ETSY) has attracted considerable attention as an e-commerce company specialized in handmade items. This noteworthy increase and strong buying trends were highlighted by Bollinger Band analysis which also suggests that this could be one of the top stocks to buy at present due to increasing price volatility correlations. As such, with its constant expansion and high trading volume, it is becoming increasingly attractive for day traders seeking quick returns on their investments through stock market trading activity.

Nio Inc. (NIO)

Investors thinking about engaging in day trading with Nio Inc., a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer with an impressive beta of 1.91 and increasing revenue growth, should be aware of potential risks associated with the stock such as its volatility. The company’s Q2 results displayed a year-on-year rise in sales by 127%, bolstering prospects for those interested due to their plans launching new vehicles along with the elevating popularity of EVs. Thus, making it attractive for traders looking into this sector.

Zoom Video Communications (ZM)

Day trading stock in Zoom Video Communications (ZM) could offer big opportunities due to the impact of COVID-19 on remote work. The surge in demand for their services has resulted in strong revenue growth and an expanding customer base, making it a viable option as far as day traders are concerned. As distant working is likely here to stay, looking into this company’s securities seems like a logical choice from that perspective.

Twilio Inc. (TWLO)

Twilio Inc. (TWLO) has seen a surge in their stock price this year, and due to its high volatility as well as consistent trending behaviour, it makes for an attractive day trading opportunity going into 2023. Despite the decline in revenue, investors can still benefit from investing or trading Twilio’s stocks because of such favourable traits associated with them.

Netflix Inc. (NFLX)

In the past five years, Netflix Inc. (NFLX), a streaming service renowned for its wide array of movies and TV series, has witnessed an upward trajectory in stock prices. These positive developments make it conceivable to consider NFLX as a suitable day trading choice come 2023, showing evidence of solid growth potential with no signs of dwindling anytime soon.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (AMC)

The stock market has seen a strong attraction to AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (AMC), particularly from Reddit day traders, due to its potential for making short-term profits. It has become one of the top trading stocks in 2023 because of both its high volatility and fast improving stock price.

Day trading is an attractive option when it comes to AMC’s shares. Given their dynamic characteristics along with great prospects for quick gains, they have quickly gained recognition as some of the best stocks on which people can make investments through day trading activities.

Best Day Trading Stocks Under $10

If you’re a day trader looking for stocks to buy and sell below $10, we have two suggestions – Amrep Corp (AXR) and Aegon N.V. ADR (AEG). They offer great potential returns that make them the perfect penny stocks to trade on any given day. Not only are they relatively affordable, but also their price volatility along with traded volume makes these ideal investments worth considering by day traders who wish to maximize profits in a short amount of time through stock trading activities.

Amrep Corp (AXR)

Stocks trading for under $10 continue to be popular, particularly Amrep Corp (AXR), with its 22.79% increase in stock value so far this year and 21% rise over the past 30 days. It has seen high trade volumes of more than 77k shares, making it a great pick for day traders according to Bollinger Band analysis.

Though investing can come with rewards such as these promising indicators related to AXR’s success, investors should consider the risks associated with day trading stocks prior to taking any action – including potential losses that accompany increased volatility relative short-term investments like those found in most low-cost stocks offerings today.

Aegon N.V. ADR (AEG)

Day traders can take advantage of the attractive stock Aegon N.V. ADR (AEG) trading under $5, due to its cost-reduction measures and strong speculation driving traded volumes up significantly. Cost savings include staff reduction and reduced non-essential expenses that have all played a role in boosting their shares on the market making it an ideal candidate for day trades looking for value growth opportunities.

The increasing volume of trade is what makes this low priced stock appealing as those actively engaged in trading are seeking potential returns from buying into stocks they feel will bring success – AEG has been performing well which means more risk yet greater reward!

Tools and Resources for Day Traders

In order to enhance your day trading strategies and make intelligent choices, you must utilize suitable tools and resources. These can range from stock screeners, news aggregators, to online brokers that enable traders like yourself to be ahead of the game while taking advantage of great opportunities for day trades.

Having these instruments in hand enables you to identify possible prospects quickly as well as help making smart decisions quickly concerning potential trade investments.

Stock Screeners

Using stock screeners like Finviz, Stock Rover and TradingView can provide great assistance when researching stocks. These tools enable traders to filter through various options based on criteria such as price range, volatility or volume, saving both time and effort during the research process. This then allows one to accurately identify possible investment opportunities that will align with their desired objectives in trading. By taking advantage of these helpful applications you are able to quickly search for potential investing ideas while also having access to a variety of powerful strategies which could lead to successful outcomes.

News Aggregators

Day traders need to stay informed of the current news and happenings that could potentially affect stock prices or market movements. Utilizing tools like Google News, Feedly and Flipboard can be beneficial in keeping up with information from various sources. This way they are better prepared when it comes time for them to make trading decisions based on all available knowledge.

The mentioned services collect updates quickly so day traders don’t miss out on any pertinent details that may lead to a more profitable outcome during their transactions involving stocks.

Online Brokers

Choosing the appropriate online broker is a necessity for those who wish to be successful in day trading. Some outstanding web brokers that are suitable for this activity include eToro, IG and IBKR. Each of these platforms offers specific advantages such as no commission on transactions, multiple order styles and sophisticated systems which can facilitate implementation of your own strategies when it comes to day trading so you have an improved chance at realizing financial objectives.


Day trading stocks can be a rewarding and financially lucrative activity when appropriately equipped with the right resources. By becoming acquainted with key criteria for day trading, along with selecting some of the top stocks available today, you are poised to fully exploit this stimulating world of daily stock exchanges. Here’s wishing that in 2023 and beyond your success will reach great heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make $500 a day trading stocks?

Day trading stocks can be a great way to make $500 per day, provided you concentrate your efforts on the most advantageous two or three hours of the day. By doing this, it is possible to keep profit potential at an optimum while still making consistent money from stock trades. Focus only during these select periods and watch those profits start rolling in!

Is $500 enough to day trade?

Day trading with a starting capital of $500 is achievable with due caution and effective strategy. Although the suggested amount to begin such activity is usually greater (at least one thousand dollars), it’s not necessarily required.

How to day trade?

For day trading, you must open a brokerage account and deposit funds, construct an outlined strategy plan for yourself to follow through with when making trades, establish the stocks that interest you most in order to create your watchlist, stick consistently with this particular plan once it has been set forth, and go over all the transactions at the close of each given day. Building up a strategic gameplan is paramount when engaging in any type of trading such as shares on stock market exchanges – this should include what kind of equities one wishes to transact into/out of (including how much capital risk taken) plus adopting prearranged tactics during trade operations. Another key factor which goes hand-in-hand would be assembling together those exact securities relating back directly onto one’s own individual watchlist. By keeping strictly true to following these various guidelines mentioned above along with executing certain steps step by step orderly. Then ideally successful results within Day Trading can result accordingly!

What are the essential criteria for selecting the best day trading stocks?

When looking for the optimum stocks to day trade, liquidity, volatility and their response to news should all be assessed. Making sure these criteria are met will help you find the best trading stocks for your own.

Which online brokers are recommended for day trading?

For day traders, eToro, IG and IBKR are all highly recommended online platforms for trading. All three provide exceptional services in terms of market access and execution speed to help you make the right decisions.