Best Funded Trader Programs

What are the best funded trader programs? Until 2021, the funded trading account business was easy to understand. Topstep, as the market leader in futures trading, FMTO as the leader for forex-funded accounts and Earn2Trade, as the innovator, clearly dominated the business.

In 2022, the rise of prop trading firms and funded trading account offerings began. Today, we have over 50 different vendors in this segment, and the number is still growing. That makes it even more important to take a closer look at the exact specifics of each offering, pricing and technology.

Our list of the best funded trader programs includes well-established firms with a high market share but also new offerings in the prop trading space.

Best Funded Trader Programs

  • Topstep – Best Funded Trading Account for Futures
  • FMTO – Best Funded Trader Program for Forex
  • Earn2Trade – Best Growing Prop Trading Firm
  • The5ers – Best Bootcamp Offering
  • myForexFunds – Most Diversified Forex Offering


Topstep is an U.S.-based company and the market leader in the segment of funded futures trading accounts. With payouts of over seven million US Dollars since 2020, an average of 600 funded accounts per month and experience of over 10 years in funding futures trading, TopStep makes it to the top spot of the best funded trader programs.

Topstep offers three different accounts. The account with $50,000 buying power for a trading combine fee of $165 per month, the $100,000 account for $325 per month, and the $150,000 account for $375 per month. 

Traders keep 90% of the profits they make by using Topstep’s capital.

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FTMO is for forex traders that Topstep is for futures traders. As a result, FTMO is the clear dominator for funded forex accounts. They have paid out more than $85 million since inception, operate in over 1800 countries worldwide and manage a monthly trading volume of over 16 million.

FTMO offers funded accounts held in USD, GBP, EUR, CZK, CAD, AUD and CHF. The available account balances include the 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k and 200k accounts. The monthly participation costs range from 155 EUR to 1,080 EUR. All fees must be paid in Euro, but the trading account funds can be used in the above-mentioned currencies.

Traders keep 90% of the profits they make by using FTMO’s capital.

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Earn2Trade is a rising star in the funded program space. Their innovative products separate them from competitors. Besides the classic funded accounts, which have the name The Gauntlet Mini at Earn2Trade, they also offer an innovative concept called the Trader Career Path, where investors can test their skills on a $25,000 trading exam. If the investor passes the exam, he gets funded with a real money trading account and joins a trading firm. 80% of the money made by strictly trade based on the rules can be withdrawn.

The price for the Trader Career Path is $150 per month. The classic Gauntlet Mini costs $170 for the $50,000 account, $315 for the $100,000 account, $250 for the 150K, and $550 for the $200k account.

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The 5ers combines classic funded trading accounts for forex traders with a Bootcamp program. But besides forex, also metals and indices can be traded, depending on the program chosen.

The payout split at The5ers is not as beneficial as mentioned before since the payout splits only 50%. That means that trades keep only 50% of the profits they make with The5ers. 

The monthly costs for the participation range from €235 for the small account of $24,000 to €745 per month for the $80,000 account.

Participation in the $100k Bootcamp costs €95.

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myForexFunds is a prop firm evaluation with a two-step process for funded traders who want to trade contracts for difference, commodities or forex. The evaluation account sizes for trading range from $10,000 to $200,000.

The difference to the other prop firms mentioned before is that myForexFunds is that myForexFunds does only require a one-time registration fee, which ranges from $49 for the 5k account to $1,389 for the $300k account. Still, if a trader fails to pass the trading evaluation, they have to pay the full participation fee again, while other funded programs typically allow a reset for a lower fee if the reset happens before the paid period is over.

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Best Funded Trader Programs Conclusion

The best funded trader programs are still the ones from Topstep, FTMO and Earn2Trade because those market leaders offer the best funding options and payment methods, and they have a proven track record of payouts to their clients.

Many newbie prop trading firms are located in regions of the world with lower regulation requirements and with questionable payment options. All in all, the prices of all offerings are kind of similar. That’s why it makes sense to focus on those companies, where the chances of getting the payout that was promised are high. It is always worth it to read the terms and conditions. 

Are funded trader programs woth it?

Yes. Funded trader programs are worth it. They offer traders and investors the opportunity to participate in investing challenges to prove that they can trade profitably. Those who can trade profitably get funded by a prop firm that shares up to 90% with their traders on every dollar made by trading assets like futures and currencies.

Updated: January 3, 2023
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