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    In this post, we’ll take a look at City Traders Imperium, a renowned London-based proprietary trading firm. In recent years, CTI has sponsored traders all over the world.
  • Topstep Review
    This one-of-a-kind, funded trading vendor was so successful that, since its debut in 2012, several trading platforms have attempted to copy their success.
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    How To Win at the Stock Market by Being Lazy Being called lazy is usually a slap in the face, but it can be a valuable asset in investing. The harsh truth is that get-rich-quick strategies are misleading. A secure path to wealth is boring and paved with inactivity and passive waiting. A lazy portfolio … Read more
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    What Is Gtc in the Stock Market Altogether, there are 7 types of orders in the stock market, presenting hundreds of opportunities to place a bet. The possibilities are endless, making newcomer investors and traders a tad confused. Regardless of how intimidating it may seem, once a trader is comfortable with every option that their … Read more
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    What Is the Power Hour in the Stock Market Technology-driven innovations such as algorithmic trading, quants, OTC trading, and many more have made stock market trading considerably more convenient, efficient, and accessible. However, historical trading rhythms, boom and bust cycles, and other trading patterns have stayed eerily unbothered by these for decades. Stock markets tend … Read more
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    What Is an Open Position in the Stock Market Investors and traders usually have a specific goal in mind when entering the stock market. These aspirations can influence how they enter a position and how they exit it after a particular timeframe. Entering and closing positions on the stock market is a fluid, two-way transaction … Read more
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    How To Make Money Quick in the Stock Market Professional investors frown upon the desire for quick profits, especially from inexperienced outsiders. Statistics back up their opinion, as most traders lose money due to being over-leveraged and unprepared. High volatility, speculative approaches, and leverage pave the way for quick profits. Options Trading the rights to … Read more
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